Mortgage Privileged Client Offer

Introducing Campbell Hastie Mortgage Negotiator from Super-Advice.

He outlines the importance of engaging an expert to ensure you are treated as a privileged Client based on your UNIQUE circumstances.

Martin Davidson & Associates and Super-Advice offer client services as part of our Together Better Trusted Partnership™ strategy.



We invite you to take the opportunity to have your current mortgage arrangement and premiums expertly reviewed.  This review will include a benchmark of your circumstances to those who have similar profiles, as well as comparisons to privileged Client below-market mortgage rates. As a valued Martin Davidson & Associates this review will be undertaken at no cost to you

To arrange a review, simply complete the preliminary information form below. 

If you have background information on any of the following items please provide.  Don't worry if you don't have the information to hand. We can discuss this information at a later date after our preliminary call.

1. How many properties do you have with mortgage(s)?

2. What is the total combined value of the mortgage(s)?

3. Which Bank(s) have you arranged your mortgage(s) with?

4. Floating or Fixed rate? If fixed approx month/year are they due to expire?