calculator.jpgAs your trusted advisor we can help your SME business thrive. Your business, in the broad sense, is your SME and could also be your family. We put people first and look at the total picture of your business aspirations and life circumstances. 

We know one size does not fit all. Thrive can mean different things to different people. 

  • Happy ticking over as is.
  • Doing well and want to grow.
  • Want to work smarter not harder. 
  • A plan to sell.
  • Wish to establish a business to support lifestyle choices.

Whilst we all have different desires and aspirations, we have found our SME Clients generally want to achieve three main objectives in their lives:

1. Increase Wealth.

2. Protect Assets.

3. And not pay more than their fair share in tax. 

To achieve these goals Martin Davidson & Associates helps clients establish tax and legal structures.  Good advice and guidance can save you a lot of time and stress. Our expertise and experience extend to five core areas

1. Asset Planning and Property Structures- designing tax and legal structures to protect and grow your assets based on circumstances and aspirations. To find out more click here.

2. Trust and Professional Trustee Services - assisting co-Trustees in protecting the assets of the Trust or undertaking a Trust Healthcheck to ensure 'fit for purpose' when the Trusts Act 2019 comes into force in from 31 January 2021.   To find out more click here.

3. Taxation Compliance- accounting and the completion of your financial accounts tax and other compliance returns. To find out more click here.

4. Property Investing in Australia- Property investor advice covering both NZ and Australian tax situations. Our investors pay less tax and make more money in property utilising clever cross-border tax and legal structures. To find out more click here.

5. Expertise as Neededexpert advice to help your business thrive and manage risk and other services covered by the A to Z table below. 

We don’t want your taxation and accounting to be a headache. Our philosophy is to keep everything simple.  And unlike larger accountancy firms you will always be more than a number to us.  We pride ourselves on understanding our clients needs and adding real value to their lives.

If you feel that you are not getting great service or the attention you deserve from your current Accountant then we would love to talk to you.

  A to Z of Client Services 

Accounting for Periodic & Year End Financials

Growth Planning 

Assessments & Disputes with IRD & ACC

 GST Returns 

 Asset Planning

Independent Business Valuations 

Audit Shield & Risk Mitigation Planning  

 IRD Debt Repayment Plans & Negotiation

 Australian Tax Office Year End Financials & Returns

NZ Residential Property Advice & Structuring 

Australian Residential Property Advice & Structures 

Payroll & PAYE  

Best Practice, Benchmarking & Industry Comparisons 

 Prework Preparing a Business for Sale 

 Budgeting & Forecasting

 Professional Family Trustee, Gifting & Annual Compliance 

 Business Goals & Circumstance Planning

Rental Property & Tax Minimisation for Salary & Wage Earners 

Business Start-Up 

Retirement Planning  

Buying a Business 

 Selling a Business 

Cashflow Forecasting & Management

Technical Taxation Advice, Special Tax Codes & Tax Minimisation  

Company Formation & Look-Through Company

XERO Set Up & Accounting Procedures, Processes & Controls

 Company Secretary & Statutory Register Compliance

 XERO Training - at our Offices or Yours

Estate Planning

Xero Bookkeeping 

 FBT Returns & Resident Withholding Tax 

 XERO Add On SaaS Solutions 

Financial Planning Advice 

ZZZzz Sleeping Easy knowing you are with Professionals